Charles is A? Who Is Charles? Am I A? – Thoughts Everyone Had During the PLL Spring FinAle (*SPOILERS*)


1. “Please follow the lighted pathway” <— What is this crazy life-size dollhouse business going on?

2. Mona is alive?!

3. Did Mona really dye her hair blonde? (Emily confirms it’s her real hair but maybe it’s just a really good wig?)

4. Why were only Spencer’s parents told about the missing girls?

5. Why did A want to recreate a prom from seven years ago?

6. How the hell did Spencer magically rearrange the blocks in her dreams to spell out “Charles”?

7. Who were those twins????

8. Is Charles a twin of Jason’s?

9. Is Charles actually Andrew?

10. If Charles isn’t Andrew/A, then why the hell is Andrew so suspicious and creepy?

11. Does Spencer’s dad know about Charles and he’s been hiding it?

12. Will they ever escape the dollhouse?


14. Why is Charles/A doing this?!

15. When will I get some answers?

16. Maybe I’m A…

17. How will I survive til June? 


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