7 Things College Students Worry Too Much About


1. Money. Yes, most of us are broke but you’re still young, save the money worries for when you enter the real world. For now, just try to live it up.

2. Breakups. People tend to say that you meet “the one” in college, but that’s not true for everyone. When you look back on your college years, you’re not going to think about that one guy or girl who broke your heart, you’re going to think about all the good memories. Your breakup might seem important to you now, but in the long-run it won’t matter.

3. The future. It’s natural to worry about the future when you’re in college because this is the time when you’re “supposed” to figure out what you want to do with your life. DON’T WORRY. Not everyone knows what their future will be. Just give it some time, and realize that you’re still young.

4. The past. Don’t let your past define you; it can only make you stronger. Stop living in the past and just live in the present! You’ll come to find that it’s a lot more rewarding.

5. The opinions of others. You should never care what other people think, no matter how strong their opinion is. Don’t let other people bring you down! The only opinion that matters is your own, so listen to yourself and not anyone else.

6. Losing friends. In life, you’re going to lose and gain friends as time goes on. You’ll eventually realize who your true friends are, but for now, you just have to go with the flow. It’s frustrating and upsetting, but the people who are meant to be in your life will stay in your life.

7. Social media. Lets all make a big confession together: we feel good when people “like” our photos on Facebook and Instagram. But in reality, who cares?! It’s all so stupid. We basically use social media to gain approval from others or to gain acceptance. We use social media to compare our lives to other people’s lives, and it’s sickening. So if your selfie only gets 10 likes, or if your ex blocks you on Facebook, just think about how stupid the whole concept is, and you’ll realize that it’s not worth worrying about.

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