21 Things College Aged Females Need To Know


Being in college is a pivotal time in a girl’s life, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. You live and you learn, but sometimes it’s best to know some things before you make a mistake.

1. If you don’t respect yourself, no guy will respect you. 

2. Sometimes the guy you thought you loved and knew, can turn out to be a total douche bag. As sucky as this newfound information is, it’s NOT the end of the world. 

3. Don’t feel pressured into finding “the one” in college. Not everyone does.

4. Don’t go for the first guy that falls for you just because you’re desperate….you’re better than that.

5. Drunk texting/calling a guy will not get him to fall for you. 

6. If you have any bad vibes about a guy from the start, DO NOT keep talking to him. Go with your instincts.

7. Universal girl rule: do not get together with a friend’s ex boyfriend.

8. As fun as it is to have a boyfriend, being single is also really great; cherish it. 

9. If you’re unhappy in a relationship, do something about it. Communication is important, especially if something doesn’t feel right.

10. Your friends will still be there for you when the guy who broke your heart isn’t there for you anymore. 

11. Every once in awhile, it’s important to have a girl’s night. Trust me on this one.

12. Don’t expect to meet your next boyfriend while drunk at a frat party. 

13. Don’t feel intimidated by all the engagement announcements on Facebook; you go at your own pace and enjoy your life.

14. Don’t forget about your friends when you’re in a relationship.

15. Good friends can come along everyday, but it’ll take longer to find the right guy. 

16. Having your heart broken several times can be depressing, but you can only learn from it and move on.

17. Never ever change yourself for a guy. Always be true to yourself.

18. It IS possible to have a guy who is just a friend. They can actually be some of the greatest friends to have.

19. It’s OK to friendzone a guy if you aren’t feeling a connection; just make sure to do it lightly, and as soon as possible.

20. Don’t worry too much about running into your ex. As long as you hold your head up high, you’ll feel good no matter what.

21. Continue dreaming of your perfect fantasy, it’s completely normal. Shoot for the stars, because you deserve the best. 

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