What it Means to be a Female & Why Cinderella is a Failure


I will start off this crazy titled post by talking about why Cinderella is actually a disappointment to all females out there. Now, us girls grow up wanting to be these “awesome” Disney princesses, but in reality, we SHOULDN’T be anything like them (side note: I’m not referring to ALL the princesses…a few of them actually teach good lessons). I’m using Cinderella as an example because she makes every girl out there want to find their “Prince Charming”. Cinderella has a hard life, she takes shit from her evil stepmother and stepsisters, and she doesn’t get to do anything that she wants to do. Then her fairy godmother comes along, she gets to go to the ball, she meets Prince Charming, she has to leave at midnight, he goes on a search for her….yada yada yada, we all know the story. Cinderella’s whole goal is essentially to be happy and stop living this terrible life that she has. But her logic is that if she finds her Prince Charming, then everything will be sunshine and rainbows because he’ll make everything better. Okay, Cinderella, c’mon girl, you don’t need no man. She should’ve instead tried to find happiness by herself, and find a way to get herself out of the mess she was in, because she’s a strong, independent woman. She should’ve made herself happy before looking for a man.

Princesses like her also make little girls believe that finding a guy should be their only goal in life, because that’s what will make them feel accomplished. I’m sorry, but that is the LAST thing a girl should be focusing on. Yes, love is the closest thing we have to magic, and it can be a wonderful thing if you find it, but girls should do things for themselves before pursuing a guy.

Being a female means being the best person you can be, and having personal dreams and goals that reflect your knowledge and abilities. I remember when I was a little girl, I wanted to be a professional soccer player. Sure, I was still a typical girl, having silly crushes on boys in my classes, but I had my own personal dreams that didn’t involve a male. I look back on that and smile because I’m glad I didn’t get too tied into the whole fairytale thing enough to have that be the only thing on my mind at the time. 

I recently saw an inspiring video, where they ask girls questions such as “What does it mean to throw like a girl?” or “What does it mean to walk like a girl?” The teenage girls that they asked completed the actions in the stereotypical “girly” way, which makes us look weak and sort of dumb. But then they asked younger girls the same questions, and they completed the actions as they normally would, reflecting the strength and capabilities that females truly have. That gave me hope for the younger generation of girls out there, but it brings concern for the teens and even the females who are my age, in the twenties. 

Mid-teens to females in their twenties seem to generally have an overall feeling of helplessness when it comes to doing certain things. We feel stereotyped into the idea that we need a man to help us do something….even if it’s something simple, like opening a jar. We are not weak, we all have our own strengths and our brains are filled with the knowledge to help us succeed in life. We need to live out our strengths before we feel the need to have a man in our lives. Yes, if love happens to pop up, we let it happen, because that’s what occurs in life. But we shouldn’t spend too much of our time purposely seeking out a guy just because we feel like we need one. We don’t necessarily NEED one in order to be happy or to help us out. We can do that ourselves because us females can be as strong as we want to be. 

So give me that damn jar back because I can open it myself. 

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