How To Be A Better Person


This isn’t your typical “How To”, step-by-step guide that you can complete in 5 minutes or less. This is a list of things you can do to continuously improve yourself as a human being. It’s even a work in progress for me…you can never fully finish this list, you should always be doing all these things. There’s probably a lot more you can do in addition to all of this, but I think these are some of the most important ones.

In no particular order…..

1. Do things for other people, if even you really don’t want to. This is especially important when it comes to family and friends. Your mom asks you to call your grandma to say hi? You freakin’ better do it. Your friend really needs a ride somewhere? Unless you’re dying, you go drive her there. Doing little things for other people will result in those people doing things for you as well, although you shouldn’t just do it because of that/you shouldn’t automatically expect anything back from anyone. Just do it because you care about them. Karma can be a beautiful thing though :).

2. Don’t judge people. It might be easy to judge that one girl dressed in the low-cut top, and short-shorts, but she doesn’t deserve to be judged. You don’t know anything about her…how would you like to be judged for what you’re wearing? Everyone in this world is different, which makes us a beautiful selection of humans. The next time you want to laugh at a classmate for being “nerdy”, or the next time you want to shoot a glare at someone for being “slutty”, think twice about it. We’re all human, we all have our weaknesses, we all have our strengths, and we all have feelings. Find the good in others, no matter how different they are from you.

3. Be kind to strangers. Yes, I know, your parents always told you to not talk to strangers, I get it. But you can use your own common sense here when it comes to “safe” strangers and “dangerous” strangers. You see someone coming towards the doors when you’re going inside a building? Stand there for an extra few seconds and hold the door open for them. And by the way, you don’t just need to be a man to hold a door open for someone FYI. Or lets say you’re waiting in line, and you really like the girl in front of you’s outfit. Tell her! Hey, maybe you’ll make someone’s day. There’s an endless amount of possibilities of how to be friendly stranger.

4. Be a good listener. When your friends need to talk to you because they’re stressed, let them. AND ACTUALLY PAY ATTENTION. Don’t just sit there daydreaming when your friend is ranting off her problems. Actually listen to what she’s saying. Even if you don’t think you give the best advice, still let her talk to you. Maybe all she needs is to get it all out to someone. It’s all a part of being a good friend.

5. Stand for what you believe in. An important part of being a good person is to not let others tell you how to think. If you want to make a change, or if you just want to have your own opinions, DO IT. No one is allowed to stop you.

6. Give to others. Whether it be donating to a charity or giving your time to volunteer at an organization, it’s a good idea to help those in need. Not only will you possibly change someone else’s life, but you will also feel really great about it.

7. Smile. You don’t even realize that if you are always smiling, you can make other people around you feel a lot better. Smile at people walking by, maybe they’re having a bad day. Such a simple action can make a huge difference. You can turn around someone else’s day, and hey, you’ll probably have a great day yourself!

8. Be no one but yourself. One of my favorite quotes is actually, “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” Individuality is an important part of life. So many people are striving to be different than who they truly are, and the problem with that is that they are essentially lying to themselves and to others. Don’t be fake, be great. You are great as you, and the world is a better place because of that. Don’t change for anyone or anything, just be yourself!!



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