Things We Can Learn from Disney’s “Frozen”


Yes, the movie Frozen is filled with amazing music, funny and cute lines, and our new favorite characters. But we can also take the time to think about what this movie can teach us. I think it has so many great lessons for anyone of all ages:

1. Just be yourself. Elsa has to hide her powers so she didn’t hurt anyone, but in the end, she figures out how to use her powers in a good way. She has to hide from everyone, even her sister, but Elsa proves that hiding wasn’t worth it. As she sings, “Let it go, let it go….”, let your own “powers” out. Just let it go and be yourself, because in the end, you’ll be happier.

2. Be positive. Olaf was not only filled with hilarious jokes, but he was also the most positive character throughout the whole movie. The most obvious example is when he’s daydreaming about what summer would be like. In the song he sings, he surprises us by saying he’ll be a “happy snowman” instead of saying he would be a puddle. Yes, someone should’ve told him sooner, but it still doesn’t change the fact that he has a positive outlook on everything in the movie. Even when he was slightly melting by the fire, he wasn’t fazed by it at all!

3. Love isn’t defined by your “soulmate”. Well for one, Elsa don’t need no man to keep her happy. Also, Anna thinks she has found “the one” when she makes the impulse decision to agree to marry Hans, but she learns that it was a mistake because he turns out to be deceitful (I dislike you Hans!). Yes, her and Kristoff fall in love, but the main idea we get from this movie is the love Anna has for her sister Elsa and vice versa. At the end when Anna is frozen, and only love can fix it, Elsa turns out to be the one to save Anna…when we totally thought it was going to be Kristoff…seriously Disney you’re freakin’ awesome for not having it be him :). So we learn that love from family is important and that finding your “prince” really isn’t that vital.

4. Your best friend will always be there for you. Kristoff and Sven are a prime example of the kind of best friends that we should all be. Yes Sven is a reindeer and Kristoff is a human, but it doesn’t matter, they are still the best of friends. Even though Kristoff talks for Sven, Sven is still there for him and cares about him :). “…people will beat you and curse you and cheat you, every one of them’s bad except you!”

5. Never give up even when times get hard. This one is self explanatory, but Anna proved this when she goes to find Elsa. Anna had to go through a lot of struggles to find her, but she never once gave up, she kept pushing on!

I could go on and on but I feel like these are the biggest lessons that I pulled from the movie! So the next time you’re listening to the song “Let It Go” remember that it’s okay to start dancing and belting it out because there’s nothing better than being yourself :). And the next time you build a snowman, think of Olaf and you’ll be as happy as him!


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